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Stefano Battilossi

Última actualización: 13/02/2020

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Associate Professor

Telephone: +34-91 624 9391
Fax: +34-91 624 9574
Office: 18.2.D.07

Working papers and publications


Jean Monnet Chair

European Monetary and Financial Integration: Past and Present

Financial History Review

Managing Editor


Photo Stefano Battilossi

Research interests

  • International and multinational banking in the first and second globalization.
  • Financial repression and liberalization in Western Europe
  • Business cycles and economic policy
  • Stock exchanges and capital markets in 20th century Europe in comparative perspective


Research projects

Globalization and Growth in European and Latin American Peripheries, 1820-1940
National research project MICINN ECO2011-25713
Principal investigator: A. Tena.
Period: 2012-2014.

“Patterns of Emergence of Stock Exchanges in European Peripheries, 1880-1938”
Other members of the research team M.Morys (York); A.C. Tuncer (LSE)
Financiado por: Winton Capital Management, London
Periodo: 2011-2013

Recent publications

Journal articles

  • ‘Fiscal policy response to cycles under two regimes: Spain 1959-1998’ (with R. Escario and J. Foreman-Peck), Cliometrica (2013, forthcoming)
  • ‘Did governance fail universal banks? Moral hazard, risk taking and banking crises in interwar Italy’, The Economic History Review, 62 (2009), n. S1: 101-134
  • ‘The determinants of multinational banking during the First Globalization, 1870-1914’, European Review of Economic History, 10 (2006), n.3: 361-388
  • ‘Financial innovation and the golden ages of international banking, 1890-1931 and 1958-81’, Financial History Review, 7 (2000), n.2: 141-75.


 Book chapters

  • Resource Allocation by the Banking System’ (with A. Gigliobianco, G. Marinelli), in G. Toniolo (ed), The Oxford Handbook of the Italian Economy since Unification (Oxford University Press, 2013), Ch. 17




 Edited books