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Margarita Torre Fernandez

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Associate Professor


Email: margarita.torre@
External calls: +34-91 624 8585
Internal calls: 18585
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 I am an Associate Professor of Sociology in the Department of Social Sciences at the University Carlos III of Madrid, as well as a fellow at the Carlos III-Juan March Institute (IC3JM). I received my Ph.D. in Sociology from the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain). More recently, I earned a Master in Data Science and Big Data in 2017 from AFI (Analistas Financieros, Madrid, Spain).

My research has focused on the intersection between work and gender. I have examined men and women’s occupational mobility, the career dynamics of occupational minorities, and workplace inequalities. More specifically, I have investigated the mechanisms of exclusion encountered by both men and women seeking non-traditional jobs. My work has appeared in Social Forces, Work and Occupations, and Sociological Perspectives, among other academic journals.

Currently, my research interests include the study of social patterns, machine learning modeling, and the analysis of unstructured data. Relatedly, I have carried out an experimental investigation into how companies can use social media to improve talent retention. Lately, I have begun studying the behavioral dynamics of women and men in social media networks. I seek to understand to what extent social media represents an opportunity for gender equality or merely reproduces the inequalities of the offline-world, thereby generating a virtual glass ceiling.


Recent Publications

• Torre, Margarita. 2019. “Women in blue: Structural and individual determinants
of sex segregation in blue- collar occupations”
. Gender & Society (online first)
• Torre, Margarita. 2018. “Stopgappers? The Occupational Trajectories of Men in Female-Dominated Occupations”. Work and Occupations 45(3): 283-312.
• Mora, Cristina, Fernández, Juan J. and Margarita Torre. 2018. “Different Contexts and Trends: Latina Immigrant Fertility in the US and Spain”. International Migration 56(5):56-73.
• Torre, Margarita. 2017. “Exit from male-dominated occupations: Variation among occupations and women”. Sociological Perspectives. Vol. 60(4) 665-684.
• Torre, Margarita. 2017. “Wanting more or wanting less? Mismatches between actual and preferred working hours in Spain, 2005-2014”. Revista Internacional de Sociología 75(2) e061.doi:
• Torre, Margarita. 2014. “The scarring effect of ‘women’s work’: The determinants of attrition from male-dominated occupations”. Social Forces 93(1)1-29.
• Torre, Margarita. 2013. The gap between reach and poor. A reflection on increasing inequality in OECD countries. Revista de Sociología, 20:169-178.