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Roberto Garvia

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Associate Professor


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Roberto Garvia

Roberto Garvía is Associate Professor (accredited to Full Professor by the Spanish Ministry of Education in 2010) of Sociology at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He graduated in Philosophy at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (1984), and Sociology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1987). He made his postgraduate studies at the Fundación Juan March, where he also obtained his Ph.D. He has focused his research on the sociology of organizations, economic sociology, ICTs and political participation, and language and society.

He has published in the American Journal of Sociology; European Sociological Review; European Journal of Language Policy; Work, Employment and Society; Language Problems and Language Planning; The Journal of Public Policy, and articles in Grower, and Gruyter (forthcoming). He is also the author of Loterías. Un estudio sobre la sociología económica (Madrid: CIS. 2008), Análisis de las organizaciones (with Xavier Coller, Madrid: CIS, 2008), and En el país de los ciegos (Barcelona: Hacer. 1997), among other books. He has also widely published in Spanish peer review journals. In 1990, he was recipient of the Robert Schuman Award. Roberto Garvía also received the 2007 Roger Gould Prize, awarded by the editorial board of the American Journal of Sociology for the best article that year.

Roberto Garvía has been visiting scholar at Harvard (post-doctoral Fulbright scholarship, 1993-94), Yale University (2001), Mozateum Universität (Salzburg, 2002- 2003), Max-Planck Institute in Cologne (2007). In 2008-2010 he was Prince of Asturias Distinguished Visiting Professor at Georgetown University, where he taught postgraduate courses on language and nationalism, the politics of historical memory and organizations and societies in comparative perspective. Currently, he is finishing a manuscript which, focusing on the artificial language movements, analyzes the tension between nationalism and cosmopolitanism at the turn of the twentieth century. The book will be published by University of Pennsylvania Press.

Research interests

Economic sociology. Sociology of organizations. Language and nationalism.

Current research projects

QWERTY Worlds and PAth Dependent Processes. The Battle of Artificial Languages at the turn of the 20th Century.


Language and Nationalism in Europe.

Historical Memory and Transitional Justice in Europe

Societies and Organizations in Comparative Perspective.

Working papers and proceedings

Language and Nationalism in Europe.

(with Mauro. F. Guillen and Manuel Santana) Embedded Play: Economic and Social motivations of Sharing Lottery Tickets (under review)

Selected publications

2013. “Religion and artificial languages at the turn of the 20th century: Ostwald and Zamenhof.” Language Problems and Language Planning, 37(1): 47-70.

2013. With Thomas J. Miley. “Linguistic immersion and political conflict in contemporary Catalonia.” European Journal of Language Policy, 5 (1): 5-40.

2012. With Mauro Guillén and Andrés Santana “Embedded Play. Why do people play the lottery in syndicates?” European Sociological Review, 28 (3): 344-54.

2010. “Connecting the dots: Change and agency in path dependence processes.” In Spain in America. Madrid: Fundación Endesa / Georgetown, pp. 387-416. 2010.

2008.Loterias. Un Estudio desde la Nueva Sociologia Económica. Madrid: CIS.

2007. Conceptos Fundamentales de Sociología. Madrid: Alianza Editorial. Segunda edición.

2004. With Xavier Coller, Análisis Organizacional. Madrid: CIS.