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Lieselotte Viaene

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Principal Investigator ERC project RIVERS

External calls: 91 624 9589
Internal calls: 9589
Office: 18.2.A.05

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Lieselotte is a Belgian anthropologist with a PhD in Law which has a first academic degree in Criminology. Currently, she is the Principal Investigator of RIVERS - Water/human rights beyond the human? Indigenous water ontologies, plurilegal encounters and interlegal translation (2019-2024), a Starting Grant of the European Research Council (ERC). She was Marie Curie Individual Fellow (2016-2018) at the Centre of Social Studies, University of Coimbra (Portugal). Since her Master’s thesis (2002), she has been collaborating with indigenous peoples in Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador and Colombia in diverse spaces (remote conflict-torn communities, regional and national organizations, indigenous lawyers’ groups). Her professional path is marked by a combination of conducting innovative academic and applied research and working as a practitioner on complex and politically sensitive human rights issues such as transitional justice, legal pluralism, natural resources and territory, engaging directly with bridging theory-practice gaps from an interdisciplinary perspective. As human rights practitioner, she worked, among others, at the  Office of United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR) in Ecuador (2010-2013) were she was responsible for the areas of collective rights and transitional justice.


Recent Publications

    - Viaene, L., 2019, Nimla Rahilal. Pueblos indígenas y justicia transicional: reflexiones antropológicas,Universidad de Deusto (España), forthcoming.

  - Izquierdo, B. y Viaene, L. 2018, Decolonizing transitional justice from indigenous territories, Peace in Progress, N 34, Instituto Catalán Internacional para la Paz (ICIP).

    - Viaene, L. and Fernández-Maldonado G, 2018, ‘Legislating coordination and cooperation mechanisms between indigenous and ordinary jurisdictions: reflections on progress and setbacks in Ecuador’, in Corradi, G., De Feyter K., Desmet E. and Vanhees K. (eds.), Critical indigenous rights studies. New directions in indigenous rights research, Routledge, pp. 201 – 226. 

  Blog 2017:    

 Ríos: seres vivientes y personalidad jurídica. Nuevos argumentos legales en la       defensa de los territorios de los pueblos indígenas Plaza Pública – Guatemala