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Juan Diez

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Fax: +34-91 624 9574
Office: 7.0.46 (Foronda Building)


Juan Diez

Recent and relevant publications:

2014: "Euromarriages in Spain: Recent Trends and Patterns in the Context of European Integration." (with Clara Cortina, Ana Safranoff, and Teresa Castro". Population, Space, and Place 20, 2: 157-176

2012: (with Michael Braun), “Uninformed Citizens and Support for Free Trade”. Review of International Political Economy 19,3: 448-476.

2011:"The Present and Future of Social Classes", in The Sociology of the European Union, (Eds. Adrian Favell
and Virginie Guiraudon). Oxford: Palgrave.

2010:"Unpacking European Identity". Politique européenne 30: 45-66.

2010. "A New Society in the Making:  European Integration and European Social Groups" Working Paper 12. KfG The Transformative Power of Europe: 4-31.

2008. (with Mabel Berezin). "Distance Matters: Place, Political Legitimacy, and Popular Support for European Integration” Comparative European Politics 6: 1-32. 

2003. Framing Europe: Empire, WWII and Attitudes toward European Integration in Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

2001. with Paula Gutiérrez. “Nested Identities and European Identity in Spain”. Ethnic and Racial Studies 24,5.

1998.  “Who are the Spaniards? Nationalism and Identification in Spain.” co-authored with Kenneth Bollen, ” Social Forces 77:2.

1995. Divided Nations: Class Conflict, Politics, and Nationalism in the Basque Country and Catalonia. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

1994.  "Patterns of Development and Nationalist Ideology: Basque and Catalan Nationalism before the Spanish Civil War." Theory and Society 23: 541-569.

1994.  "The Effects of Ethnic Segregation and Ethnic Competition on Political Mobilization in the Basque Country, 1988" American Sociological Review 59: 873-88