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Eva Fernández

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Associate Professor


External calls: +34-91 624 9620
Internal calls: 59620

Office: 18.2.A.12



Eva Fernandez

Research interests

Agrarian policies and institutions (19th and 20th centuries)
Agricultural productivity - Agrarian Economy (20th century)
Wages in the modern age (Spain)

Current research proyects

La integración vertical y las explotaciones agrarias en perspectiva histórica
Principal Investigator: James Simpson.
Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Period: 2010-2013


Accounting and Finance - Economic History

BA and Law - Economic History

The Genesis of the Modern Firm

Economics - Economic theory in retrospect

Economics and Law - Economic theory in retrospect

Relevant publications

(with James Simpson) “Product quality or market regulation? Explaining the slow growth of Europe’s wine cooperatives, 1880-1980”, Economic History Review (forthcoming)

 “Politics, coalitions and support of farmers, 1920-1975”, European Review of Economic History (forthcoming)

 - "Trust, religion and co-operation in Western agriculture, 1880-1930", Economic History Review, 2014, 67 (3): pp. 678–698

- "Selling agricultural products: Farmers’ co-operatives in production and marketing, 1880-1930", Business History, 2014, 56(4): 547-568

- “Unsuccessful Responses to Quality Uncertainty: Brands in Spain’s Sherry Industry, 1920-1990.” Business History, 2010, 52 (1): 74–93.


Working Papers and Proceedings

 - (con James Simpson) Producer cooperatives and regulation in Europe’s wine industry, 1880-1980.

- Protection, subsidies and productivity growth in Western agriculture.

- (con Joan Rosés y Juan Carmona) Regional Agrarian Productivity in Spain, 1919-1931: A Frontier Approach.