3rd Students International Olympiad on MECHANISM AND
20-21 of October, 2016, Madrid, Spain SIOMMS 2016


SIOMMS 2016  will be held in Carlos III University, Leganés Campus, in Leganés, Madrid, Spain.


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 How to arrive to Leganés

There are several ways to arrive to Leganés depending on how you arrive to Madrid. Some ways to arrive to Leganés in public transport are described below.

By car, Leganés is located between the A-4 and the A-5 highways and has a good access from the orbital motorway M-40.

Line buses arrive to Avenida de América (connexion with Metro lines 4, 6, 7 and 9) or, mainly, to the South Bus Station (conexion with Cercanias C-5 to Leganés) .

The main train stations in Madrid are Chamartin and Atocha and they are connected by several commuter train lines, so it's very easy to move from one to the other.

At Barajas airport arrives flights from all continents. Most airlines have moved to the new Terminal T-4, but still some important companies like Aeroflot arrives to older terminals T-1 and T-2. For more information about fligths and companies, check the airport website.

Every main station/airport has a taxi stop. A trip between Airport and Leganés should not be more than 50€ in a journey day without traffic jam.


From Airport to Atocha Station

There are three main ways to arrive to Atocha from airport:

-Take the Express Bus. It stops at T-1, T-2 and T-4 and finishes its journey in Atocha.

-If your flight arrives at Terminal 4, you can take the commuter train (Cercanias, line C-1) directly to Atocha. If th flight arrives at Terminal 1, 2 or 3, you must move to T-4 to take the commuter train.

-Take the Metro (Line 8). It stops at T-4 and T-1-2-3, but finishes it journey in Nuevos Ministerios. Here you must take the commuter train (Cercanias, lines C-1, C-2, C-7 and C-10 or C-3 and C-4) to arrive to Atocha.


From Atocha to Leganés

The faster option is to take the commuter train (Cercanias, line C-5). Leganés is the seventh station. Hotel Tryp Leganés is about 10 minutes by walk.


From Leganés to Student Resident Hall

Once you arrive to Leganés Station, you must take the Metro (Line 12 "Metrosur") to San Nicasio, just one stop and walk about 5 minutes to the Student Resident Hall.


Public transport maps

Commuter train (Cercanias) map:

Metro map:

Commuter train and Metro map (only in Spanish):


Fares and other information

Barajas airport (includes taxi fares):

Commuter trains (Cercanias):


Express Bus (only in Spanish):

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