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Final Program


Please find below the complete conference program.






17th of May 2012 (Thursday)


From 8:00 - Registration

9:00 - Official Opening

Session 1 - Evolving Systems (9:30 - 11:10)

Time ID Paper Authors
9:30 #12 On-line Active Learning Based on Enhanced Reliability Concepts Edwin Lughofer
9:50 #39 A Property of Learning Chunk Data Using Incremental Kernel Principal Component Analysis Takaomi Tokumoto and Seiichi Ozawa
10:10 #26 Self-Adaptive Mechanism for Distributed Computing Ichiro Satoh
10:30 #20 Online Learning with Kernels in Classification and Regression Guoqi Li and Guang She Zhao
10:50 #35 An Enhanced Approach for Evolving Participatory Learning Fuzzy Modeling Leandro Maciel, Fernando Gomide and Rosangela Ballini


Session 2 - Adaptive Systems (11:30 - 13:10)

Time ID Paper Authors
11:30 #34 Adaptative Evolutionary Strategy for Robotic Manipulation César Arismendi, Javier V. Goméz, Santiago Garrido and Luis Moreno.
11:50 #25 Elastic Adaptive Ontology Matching on Evolving Folksonomy Driven Environment Massimiliano Dal Mas.
12:10 #22 Cognitively Inspired Classification for Adapting to Data Distribution Changes Wing Yee Sit and K.Z. Mao
12:30 #18 A New Fuzzy Adaptive Law With Leakage Saso Blazic, Igor Skrjanc and Drago Matko
12:50 #31 An Adaptive Soft-Sensor for Non-Destructive Cement-Based Material Testing, through the Use of RBF Networks Alex Alexandridis, Dimos Triantis, Eva Chondrodima, Charalambos Stergiopoulos, George Hloupis, Ilias Stavrakas and Konstantinos Ninos.

13:10 - LUNCH

Session 3 - Robotics and Intelligent Agents (14:10 - 16:10)

Time ID Paper Authors
14:10 #33 A Procedural Long Term Memory for Cognitive Robotics Rodrigo Salgado, Francisco Bellas, Pilar Caamaño Sobrino, Borja Santos-Diez and Richard Duro
14:30 #7 Adaptive Strategy for Online Gait Learning Evaluated on the Polymorphic Robotic LocoKit David Johan Christensen, Jørgen Christian Larsen and Kasper Stoy
14:50 #13 Platform for Building Large-Scale Agent-Based Systems Carolina Zato, Alejandro Sánchez, Gabriel Villarrubia, Sara Rodríguez, Javier Bajo and Juan Manuel Corchado
15:10 #8 On Path Planning: Adaptation to the Environment using Fast Marching Javier V. Gómez, César Arismendi, Santiago Garrido and Luis Moreno
15:30 #14 A Kinodynamic Planning-Learning Algorithm for Complex Robot Motor Control Javier Gonzalez-Quijano, Mohamed Abderrahim, Fernando Fernandez and Choukri Bensalah
15:50 #6 An Adaptive Energy-Aware Routing Protocol for MANETs Using The SARSA Reinforcement Learning Algorithm Saloua Chettibi and Salim Chikhi


Session 4 - Applications of Evolving Systems (16:40 - 18:40)

Time ID Paper Authors
16:40 #11 Autonomous Visual Self-localization in Completely Unknown Environment Pouria Sadeghi-Tehran, Sasmita Behera, Plamen Angelov and Javier Andreu
17:00 #36 Evolving Activity Recognition from Sensor Streams  Jose Antonio Iglesias, Javier Ordonez, Agapito Ledezma, Paula de Toledo and Araceli Sanchis
17:20 #28 Automatic Mobile Photographer and Picture Diary Plamen Angelov, Javier Andreu and Tu Vuong
17:40 #10 A Real-time Approach for Novelty Detection and Trajectories Analysis for Anomaly Recognition in Video Surveillance Systems Pouria Sadeghi-Tehran and Plamen Angelov
18:00 #15 Evolving Social Network Analysis: A Case Study on Mobile Phone Data Rashmi Dutta Baruah and Plamen Angelov

19:20 - Bus from Leganés to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

19:45 - Bus from Atocha to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium


23:00 Bus from Santiago Bernabeu to Atocha and Leganés




18th of May 2012 (Friday)

From 8:00 - Registration

Session 5 - Intelligent Sytems (9:00 - 11:00)

Time ID Paper Authors
9:00 #30 Intelligent System for Automatic Reconfiguration of Distribution Networks Luciano Pfitscher, Daniel Bernardon, Luciane Canha, Vinicius Montagner, Lorenzo Comassetto and Maicon Ramos
9:20 #32 An Evolutionary-Based approach in RBF Neural Network Training Alex Alexandridis.
9:40 #9 Introducing the Fuzzy Relational Extended Composition and its Usage in Fuzzy Relational Modeling Arya Aghili Ashtiani and Mohammad Bagher Menhaj.
10:00 #24 Data transformations and seasonality adjustments improve forecasts of MLP ensembles Domingos S. P. Salazar, Paulo J. L. Adeodato and Adrian L. Arnaud.
10:20 #27 A self-organized system improving inner topology for data sharing efficiency Frédéric Armetta, Mohammed Haddad, Salima Hassas and Hamamache Kheddouci
10:40 #29 Classification of Data Streams with Skewed Distribution Abhijeet Godase and Vahida Attar


Session 6 - Applications of Adaptive and Intelligent Systems (11:30 - 13:10)

Time ID Paper Authors
11:30 #17 A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving Integrated Scheduling and Layout Planning Problems in Manufacturing Systems Kazi Shah Nawaz Ripon, Kyrre Glette, Mats Hovin and Jim Torresen
11:50 #4 Space-Based Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion Control for Aircraft Continuous Descent Approach Bouadi Hakim and Mora-Camino Félix.
12:10 #2 Calibration of Stewart Platforms Using Neural Networks Dali Wang and Ying Bai
12:30 #19 Genotype-Phenotype with BNF Mapping: An Automatic Approach of Producing a Computer Program Rasha Abdulwahhab
12:50 #37 User Modeling in Changeable Environments Jose Antonio Iglesias and Esteban Garcia-Cuesta

13:10 - LUNCH

Special Session - Computational Intelligence applied to Forecast Time Series (14:30 - 15:50)

Time ID Paper Authors
14:30 #42 Parallelization of an Evolving Artificial Neural Networks System to Forecast Time Series using OPENMP and MPI Borja Prior Gonzalez, Juan Peralta Donate, Paulo Cortez, German Gutierrez Sanchez and Araceli Sanchis de Miguel.
14:50 #43 SIOPRED performance in a Forecasting Blind Competition José D. Bermúdez, José V. Segura and Enriqueta Vercher.
15:10 #44 Time Series Forecasting using Ensemble of AR models with Time-Varying Structure Ekaterina Mangalova and Evgeny Agafonov.
15:30 #45 Sequential Learning of Differential Trend Eng Yeow Cheu.


16:10 - Meeting RESeT (Spanish Network on Time Series)