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Última actualización: 15/07/2016

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Information Professionals


Library and Information Science (Biblioteconomía y Documentación in Spanish) is a constantly evolving academic discipline. Its main object of study is Information, which is highly important, abundant, and more accessible in today’s society than ever, due to the revolution caused by information technologies. It is a key and strategic discipline in the knowledge society in which we are living.

Our university offers the following degrees: Bachelor in Information Science, Master in Libraries and Digital Information Technologies (Spanish version only), and the Doctoral program in Information Science, entitled “Archives and libraries in a digital environment”. Moreover, together with the Spanish National Library, we offer two degrees, Master and Expert, in Libraries and Documentary Heritage (Spanish version only).


Professional Opportunities

Graduates of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs find many and different occupations: in libraries, archives, and in different organizations, since they are qualified in information management, content management, digital libraries creation and administration, community management, online social media management, etcetera.

Archives: such as national archives, as well as archives of institutions and entities in the public sector, private archives (churches, companies, etc.).

Companies working on creating and disseminating databases, or on developing systems for information storage and retrieval, information systems or web portals, as well as publishers, and content managers, etc.

Libraries: general libraries, or national libraries, public libraries, academic libraries, or school libraries (primary and secondary school), parliamentary libraries, etc.

Special libraries and documentation centers in the public administration sector, or in private companies, media companies, publishers and bookstores, legal advisory and consultancy, computer science and information technologies, bibliographic and documentary services, etc