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Research Institutes

University Institute “Agustín Millares” on Documentation and Information Management

This is a center for promoting research, reflection and academic discussion, as well as a center for disseminating ideas and knowledge about information culture, and about the changes that new technologies are producing in social structures: from companies to families.

Work areas:
Digital libraries in the context of information society
Digital preservation
Information culture

Director: Mercedes Caridad Sebastián
Sub-director: Ana María Morales
Secretary: Ana María Morales
Administrative assistant: Ruth Benavente Copete


University Institute “Juan Velázquez de Velasco” on Intelligence Research for Security and Defense


Its goals are promoting interdisciplinary research as well as teaching activities about the principles, means and resources that constitute the framework of action for intelligence services, with the aim of gaining knowledge that can make it possible for democratic regimes to prevent risks, dangers and threats to national and international security.

Director: Luis Moreno Martínez
Secretary:  Santiago Areal Ludeña