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Study characteristics

Characteristics of our programs


All our programs are distinguished by:


  • Their theoretical-practical nature.
  • Heavy use of technologies (many on-site classes are taught in computer labs) and promotion of Internet access.
  • High availability and accessibility of faculties.
  • High rates of work placements.
  • Classes characterized by team working, seminars, problem-oriented learning... combined with lectures.
  • A continuous assessment in which work, activities and participation are considered.
  • Language courses given by specialists for a holistic education.
  • Opportunities to study abroad in some of the most prestigious European universities (Sócrates-Erasmus program) in order to get a global insight of the studies. There are also exchanges with universities from Latin America, Unites States and Canada.




Specific characteristics of our undergraduate program:

  • It is comprised of 4 years of 60 European credits each.
  • Courses are structured by semesters
  • In the first years BASIC SKILLS will be acquired, working with skills, languages and Humanities. From the forth semester there will be a full concentration of the SPECIFIC SUBJECTS of the program.
  • INTERNSHIPS in prestigious libraries, archives, documentation centers, companies and organizations. These are taken in the last years of the program.
  • A final project is required in the last stage of the program




Specific characteristics of postgraduate programs:

The official Master's Degree in Library and Information Services is oriented to the continuing professional education of librarians, archivists and documentalists in relation to the new technologies. It has the following characteristics:

  • Interdisciplinary official master combining Librarianship and Computer Sciences.
  • Comprised of 60 ECTS credits.
  • Blended learning, where the on-line part in the software platform is complemented with several on-site lectures, no mandatory.
  • Two possibilities of completion: FULL-TIME, planned for one year, or PART-TIME, up to two or three years, depending of the number of enrolled credits.
  • The PROGRAM is comprised of subjects with contents adapted to the new technological requirements in libraries, archives and documentation centers.