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The mission of the Library and Information Sciences Department is to become a reference in the search, formulation and dissemination of responses to the demands of society in the area of Information and Documentation. We do this through our main activities

 Campus de Colmenarejo
  • Teaching activities, that give our students the necessary competences, skills and knowledge in order to develop their professional and human qualifications for managing information and its related issues, such as dissemination, storage, organization, search and retrieval.


  • Research activities, that try to increase knowledge and wisdom, and also critical thinking at an institutional and collective level towards the issues that arise from this evolution of knowledge.


  • Outreach activities which allow a permanent flow of knowledge and experiences between society and the Department.




Institutional reputation:


We belong to a public university which has a notable international profile and is distinguished by innovation, excellence and quality in teaching, research, as well as by its contribution to the development of society.
Carlos III University in Madrid became the first Spanish state university that introduced the “Graduado” degree in all its studies during the academic year 2008/09, according to Bologna Guidelines within the European Higher Education Area.




Undergraduate and Graduate studies could be either face-to-face classroom or blended learning according to the needs of our students.

  • Undergraduate degrees:

Courses from areas of knowledge related to Business, Information Technology, Law, along with Information and Documentation are taught. This is manifested in the participation of teachers from other departments in our programs, thus providing a broader and richer perspective.

  • Postgraduate degrees:


To create Masters degrees to ensure post-degree continuing education that meets the needs of researchers and professionals constitutes one of the Department’s aims.


The official Postgraduate titles provide twofold, academic and research. The current bid is centred on the "Master's Degree in Library and Information Digital Services".

Another two titles are also offered, "Masters in Library and Documentary Heritage" and "Course in Library and Documentary Heritage", both being blended learning, and in collaboration with the Spanish National Library.



Prestigious teaching staff:


The Department holds a team of experienced and prestigious lecturers and researchers recognized both nationally and abroad. Lecturers are committed to their tasks and they are both highly available and accessible.
In addition, the Department enjoys regular visitors of significant figures of international prestige, who enjoy a Chair of Excellence, or a short stay.



Intensive use of information technology:

Information technology is considered a key element among our professionals’ education. We use and encourage the intensive use of information technologies and Internet among our students. In fact, a high percentage of the lessons are taught in computer classrooms and by making use of suitable online learning environments.



Training jobs opportunities:

We are pleased to provide our undergraduate students with the possibility for enrolling in training jobs in libraries, archives, documentation departments, companies and organizations which are well recognized in the sector. We include a large number of centres specially selected by their quality in our offer.



High rate of employment:

The Department holds one of the highest employment rates for our students compared to other university degrees. Our graduates usually have the privilege to get their first job at the institutions related to their studies (libraries, archives, and documentation departments).