Information and Guidance for International Employment

Última actualización: 23/01/2014

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Are you thinking about packing your suitcase?

Would you like to live an international experience?

Do you need help and information?



The Sopp Career Office Team is here to help you to:

  • Answer these and other questions that have surely come to mind if you are interested in living an international experience. 
  • Provide you with the information and resources that you will need and inform you of different options available for your trip abroad.
  • Furthermore, you can outline any doubts you may have and inform us of your specific needs for us to elaborate a personalized action plan.

Contact us

E-mail address: 

You can apply for a personal guidance interview to seek international employment. In order to do so, you will need to provide us the following details:

  • Name and surnames, NIA, degree and telephone number. Motive of your request and places which you are interested in.

Of Interest