Support for career entry of disabled students

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What is Capacita2?

Within the main objective of Orientación & Empleo to facilitate and promote the career entry and professional development of students and graduates of Carlos III University of Madrid, Capacita2 is a professional guidance programme for students with some type of disability.


Capacita2 pursues the maximum adaptation between candidate and job by managing vacancies especially for disabled students and through adapted selection procedures which take into account the concrete characteristics of the candidate and the needs of the company.


Finally, the project offers aid and support to companies that collaborate with Orientación & Empleo concerning corporate social responsibility in the integration of students and graduates with a disability.


What are the advantages of Capacita2?

We help you to:

  • Define your professional profile. 
  • Write your CV and covering letter. 
  • Value your specific needs concerning your career entry. 
  • Contact with companies interested in recruiting students with some type of disability. 
  • Find an appropriate job adapted to your profile.

We guide you in your active search for your first job or bettering your job situation

We offer training to:

  • Acquire the necessary skills to confront the selection processes successfully.
  • Develop your management skills in a company.

We carry out personal monitoring both in the selection procedures and the incorporation in the company.


What do we offer students and/or graduates?

Introductory and Guidance interview
  • Definition of professional objectives and mapping out a personalized career path.
  • Identification of specific needs concerning integration – if necessary.
  • Presentation of Orientación & Empleo's main services offering, adapted to the specific needs of students with disability.
Job training
  • Access to a wide training offers  in active search programmes and development of management skills.
Career entry
  • Adaptation between candidate and job by manage of vacancies, especially for students with disabilities and through adapted selection processes, which take into account the concrete characteristics of the candidate and the needs of the company.
Collaboration with agencies and specialized organisations
  • Assessment of concrete needs which require the participation of specialized organisations.

How can companies participate in the Capacita2 programme?

  • By presenting a vacancy for UC3M students and graduates with disabilities to the Career Board.
  • By collaborating with the orientation specialists of Orientación & Empleo to give direct support in the selection process.
  • By facilitating a plan of reception, incorporation and, where needed, adaptation to the position.

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