Other Activities

Última actualización: 15/12/2015

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Employment marathons

The aim of the employment marathons is to help our students in their approach to the job market. This activity consists of two different parts:

1) Information sessions in which advisors from UC3M O&E give students some basic guidelines for entering into the job market.

2) Presentation by the invited companies of the professional profiles they are looking for, the different jobs and work areas they offer and the expectations of the professional career offered to a young university graduate, together with their corporate presentation.

Contact: maraton@fund.uc3m.es



This activity is for companies interested in incorporating persons with a high professional qualification through their presence in stands at our Job Fair. The participation in this event allows companies to make direct contact with students and to present their organization.


Contact: forempleo@fund.uc3m.es


Sponsoring O&E Services

Companies can sponsor activities carried out by UC3M O&E with a social and educative purpose. Aside from the fiscal advantages when donating to the Universidad Carlos III Foundation, it also is a useful way to gain recognition and to advertise your corporate image in the academic world.


Collaboration in training activities

Companies can collaborate in the training workshops organized throughout the year by UC3M O&E, contributing with their knowledge and experience to students.