International Work Placement Programme

Última actualización: 24/11/2016

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This programme offers the possibility of work placement in a foreign country. 

Why to choose international work placement?

  • You will acquire experience in an international environment
  • Broaden the options of your professional development
  • Learn other forms of working and different cultures
  • Improve your personal and communication skills
  • Perfect your language skills



International Work Experience Scholarships For Students

Erasmus Placement Programme

Work placement in European companies for students of all Universities in Spain

Scholarships Faro Global

1050 scholarships to receive in-company training in companies located in Europe, United States, Asia and Canada for University students.

Vulcanus Programme

Work placement in Japanese for science and engineering students of the European Union.


International Work Placement Scholarships For Graduates

Scholarships Argo Global

1100 scholarships to carry out in-company training in companies located in Europe, United States, Canada and Spanish companies based in Asia directed at University graduates.

CLAVE Programme

100 scholarships for in-company training in companies located in Europe destinated to University graduates

Scholarships Bancaja Leonardo ADEIT

200 scholarships for work placement in European companies directed at University graduates nationwide with any type of University qualification

Scholarships ICEX

Theoretical and practical training in international commerce in Spanish companies with an international presence directed towards University graduates


Work Placement In European Institutions and The United Nations


Work Placement In International Institutions

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation

Information with regards to International Opportunities in International Organizations

Ministry of Finance and Public Administration

Employment offers in multilateral financial institutions


Volunteering, Another Option to Work Abroad

Steps to begin as a volunteer:

  • Inform yourself, assist talks, speak with other volunteers and discover YOUR own reasons.
  • Choose the type of volunteer work. There exist many necessities and inequalities: social, construction, environmental (flora and fauna), international cooperation, education, and so on.
  • Define your participation: How long?, Where?, Doing what?
  • Find the NGO that you like the most: look for information about the NGO´s (activities, rules and regulations, management, amd so on).
  • Join up

Where can I find information about Volunteering?


Contact Us

You can broaden the information regarding your journey abroad or ask for advice about any doubts that you may have using the following e-mail address: