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Students must be currently registered at Carlos III University of Madrid.

Students must have passed 110 ECTS of the studies in which they are registered.

You must complete the  registration form.


When completing this process, and once activated your registration, you will receive a message of confirmation at the e-mail address that you have provided. Once completed,  you will need to access your personal file and fill in your Curriculum Vitae.

Advantages of Registrating on the Career Board

  • Gain access to job and work placement vacancies related to your degree. 
  • Promotion of your candidature to do work placement, which is the first step to obtaining a job related to your degree. 
  • Access to updated information about the key aspects regarding your entry into the labor market. Legal and employment advice and guidance concerning the workplace.
  • Gain access to more than 8.000 collaborating companies which use our service as a mean to fulfil their recruitment and work placement. 
  • Receive specialized professional orientation to help you define and plan your professional career
  • Learn and practice the techniques you will need to search for employment and improve and develop your professional skills by using the  employment training courses we offer. 
  • We provide you all the human, material and technological means so that you can benefit from a  service made to measure for you in your University.
  • Receive privileged information about all the activities we organize: employment fairs (Forempleo), employment marathons and other events.