Erasmus Placement programme

Última actualización: 05/02/2016

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Erasmus + programme. Internship in European companies.


The Erasmus + programme is designed to promote student internship in different European countries. The main objective is to help students adapt to the requirements of the job market, to acquire specific skills and to improve their comprehension of the economic and social environment of that specific country while they are acquiring work experience.



What are the benefits for the company?    

  • To obtain new perspectives brought by the student doing an intership.
  • To exchange knowledge and experience concerning innovation and creativity through contact with institutions which might contribute to a different perspective.
  • It will update your companies’ knowledge and experience up to date, adding an international dimension to your company.
Which companies can participate?
Any organization with economic activity in the public or private sector, regardless of their size, legal status or economic sector in the European countries. The host organizations can be companies, training centres, research centres and other organizations.
Which are the characteristics of the internship?
·          Duration: period between 2 months and 12 months, full time working hours
·          Period: June 2015 until September 2016
·          Internchip in the host company must be related to the student’s degree. Taking part in this training programme does not necessarily have to involve any expense for the company, given that the European Commision finances the activities of this programme. Students taking part in internship receive a monthly grant. Nevertheless, the company may consider it appropriate to contribute to the accommodation expenses of the student (meal voucher, transport, and so on).
 What steps must be taken?
The work placement assignment must be covered by an agreement signed by the University, the company and the student (Learning Agreement).
  • The student must receive a learning agreement) concerning the programme for the placement period; the University and the host organization must approve this contract.
  • The host company will appoint a tutor for trainees who will complete an evaluation report at the end of the work placement.

For more information, contact:  / Telephone: 00 +34 91 624 58 71