The Aloja application provides housing information to the entire University community as well as to flat owners who wish to rent their properties to host students, mainly in the municipalities of Getafe, Leganes and Colmenarejo.  Easy to use, Aloja offers students an extensive list of housing offered by the owners themselves, who can add their property into the data base in a very simple way.

Carlos III University of Madrid assumes no responsibility for either of the two parties, the conditions of the apartment, the behavior of the students.  This university service is intended solely to help students find housing, for which reason no claims will be accepted under any circumstances.

The students should present their Carlos III University of Madrid student credentials to the property owner.

In order to resolve any doubts that may arise for property owners and student tenants, we first recommend a thorough reading of the Urban Rental Law (Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos).

If you are looking for housing or wish to rent out your property, enter into ALOJA. To do so, you must accept all the general conditions which appear on this page:


I accept these conditions

The use of personal information by this application will be subject to the norms established by Organic Law 15/1999, regarding the Protection of Personal Data, as well as by Law 8/2001, regarding the Protection of Personal Data of the Autonomous Region of Madrid, and other applicable norms.

The data collected will be transferred electronically or will be stored, with the consent of the citizen, who has the right to:

  • Access the data.
  • Decide who can have this data and its use.
  • Request correction so that the data is accurate and  used for the purpose stated.
  • Cancelation and objection.

All of the above in accordance with the current legislation.