Madrid Community information

The Madrid Community, through the Office of Universities Administration (Dirección General de Universidades), provides a free virtual housing service which you can access at:

In addition, the Youth Service of the Madrid Community (Servicio de Juventud de la Comunidad de Madrid) has a notice board where you can find information about properties to rent.  You can access it at:
The Community of Madrid also has a Youth Rental Housing Bureau (Bolsa de Vivienda Joven en Alquiler) which provides young people between 18 and 35 access to rental property with the help of the Office of Youth Services (Dirección General de Juventud).

Student Resident Halls in the Madrid Community

You can find information about the different private and public University Residence Halls located in Madrid that provide housing during the academic year at:

Youth Hostels in the Madrid Community

    In order to utilize the Hostels you must have the corresponding youth hostel card.   A reservation in an individual room at the hostel can be made by phone or on line.  The maximum stay for an individual is three nights, while groupsstays are not limited. Group reservations can be made personally at the main office or by fax. 

    Main Reservations Office (Oficina Central de Reservas)
    C/ Gran Vía, 10, 3rd floor
    28013 Madrid
    Tel. 91 7201165  Fax: 91 720164
    Office Hours: Monday -Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 2:00p.m.
    There are two youth hostels in downtown Madrid: 
    Albergue Santa Cruz de Marcenado
    C/ Santa Cruz de Marcenado, 28
    28015 Madrid
    Tel.: 91 5474532
    Information and reservations: 91 7201165
    Website:  Albergues Madrid.
  • Albergue San Fermín
    Avda. de los Fueros, 36
    28041 Madrid
    Tel. 91 7920897
    Metro:  Legazpi
    Website : Albergue San Fermin