Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TERMeG)

Last update: 06/11/2014

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Person in Charge

José Luis Jorcano Noval y Marcela del Rio Nechaevsky

Description of activities

The Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Group of the Department of Bioengineering in UC3M consists of about 20 research fellows including professors, post-docs and PhD students, whose activities cover the fields of cell/tissue and molecular engineering.

Our research interests are focused on advancing human health through understanding complex living systems. Our mission is to create a fusion of engineering, medicine, biology and genetics  that promotes scientific discovery and the development of new biomedical therapies through research and education.

Our team is part of the CIBER (Centro de Investigaciones Biomedicas en Red) on Rare Diseases (Unit 714) and underwent an international peer-review process in 2010 being awarded with the maximum score and was ranked as one of the most excellent Units within CIBERER.

Group Members

  • Escámez Toledano, María José
  • García Díez, Marta
  • Guerrero Aspizua, Sara
  • Jorcano Noval, José Luis
  • Larcher Laguzzi, Fernando
  • Martínez Santamaría, Lucía
  • Mencía Rodríguez, Ángeles
  • Rio Nechaevsky, Marcela del

Research Areas

  • Design and development of new therapeutic tools for skin diseases based on bioengineering and genetic engineering
  • Adult epidermal stem cell biology and its use in regenerative medicine
  • Cutaneous regeneration: study of the molecular mechanisms involved in  wound repair and identification of new therapeutic targets
  • Study of the molecular basis of inherited ampollous diseases: epidermolisis Bullosa and Kindler syndrome
  • Development of humanized animal models of rare skin diseases
  • Bone regeneration through tissue engineering techniques



Contact email: research@uc3m.es

Further Information