Powder Technology

Last update: 18/03/2015

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Person in Charge

Jose Manuel Torralba Castelló y Elena Gordo Oderiz

Description of Activities

The Powder Technology Group comprises a multi-disciplinary team of experts in developing solutions in the field of Powder Technology / Powder Metallurgy. Our facilities have advanced equipment to handle all kinds of studies and analyses related to metallic, ceramic, and composite materials.

We have proven experience offering integral R+D services, consulting, technical assistance, and individualized training to optimize manufacturing processes for materials via Powder Technology / Powder Metallurgy, studying the behaviour of materials in service, and characterizing and designing new materials with improved features and high added value.

We participate actively in and have been recognized by international forums of unquestionable prestige that serve as references for companies in this sector, such as EPMA, the European Powder Metallurgy Association, and its American counterparts, MPIF–Metal Powder Industrial Federation, APMI–American Powder Metallurgy Institute and ASM–A Society for Materials.

Group Members

  • Abajo Clemente, Carolina
  • Alvarado Olmos, Paula
  • Bernardo Quejido, Elena
  • Campos Gómez, Mónica
  • Carbonell Boix, Diógenes José
  • Dios Pérez, Miguel de
  • Dios Sinovas, Susana de
  • Galán Salazar, Andrea
  • García Casas, Amaya
  • Gordo Oderiz, Elena
  • Jiménez Morales, Antonia
  • Macía Rodríguez, Eric
  • Mazzini Callegaro, Renato
  • Muñoz Fernández, Lidia
  • Páez Pavón, Alicia
  • Rabanal Jiménez, Maria Eugenia
  • Ruiz Navas, Elisa María
  • Torralba Castelló, José Manuel
  • Tsipas, Sophia Alexandra
  • Ureña Alcázar, Julia María
  • Velasco Núñez, Beatriz

Research Areas

  • 1. Special production and characterization techniques
  • 1.1 Spray-pirolysis for the production of nanoparticles
  • 1.2 Atomization
  • 1.3 Mechanical grinding
  • 1.4 Powder injection molding
  • 1.5 Corrosion in powder metallurgy material
  • 1.6 Sol-gel coatings
  • 1.7 Surface treatments by diffusion to protect against corrosion, wear and high temperatures
  • 1.8 Thermodynamic and kinetic optimization of processes
  • 2. Materials
  • 2.1 Sintered low-alloy steels
  • 2.2 Sintered stainless steels
  • 2.3 Sintered tool steels and Fe based composite materials
  • 2.4 Ti sinterized alloys and composite materials with a Ti matrix
  • 2.5Cu based sinterized alloys
  • 2.6 Al sinterized alloys and Al matrix composite materials
  • 2.7 Nickel based alloys


Contact email: research@uc3m.es

Further Information

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