Jorge Blasco Alis

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IT Security Group (SeTI)

Contact Details
Phone: +34916249422
Avda. de la Universidad, 30 -28911 Leganés(Madrid) Spain
Room: 2.2.A22

Research Areas

Digital media steganography
Text watermarking systems
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) (Link to interesting papers)
Steganalysis and Cryptanalysis by means of artificial intelliegence techniques.

  • Segur@: Under the scope of Cenit research program. Financed by CDTI (Ministerio de Industria) in colaboration with Telefonica I+D.



Computer Networks (1st semester, Colmenarejo, Spanish): Thursday 13:00-16:00
Criptography (2nd semester, Leganés, Spanish): Monday 15:00-17:00 y Tuesday 16:00.
Distributed Systems Security (2nd semester, Leganés, Spanish): Monday y Wednesday 12:00-14:00

Recent Papers

  • Blasco Alís J., Hernandez-Castro J.C., Tapiador J. M. E. and Ribagorda Garnacho A. Csteg: Talking in C code. In Proceedings of SECRYPT International Conference, pag. 399–406. INSTICC. Oporto. July 2008.
  • Blasco J., Hernandez-Castro J. C. , Tapiador J. M.E. , Ribagorda A and Orellana-Quirós M.A. Steganalysis of Hydan. In Proceedings of 24th International Information Security Conference (IFIPSEC). IFIP. Paphos, May 2009.


Hide It In

Hide It In is an iPhone app that uses steganography to hide an image inside another one. You can find more information about it here.

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