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Gregorio Millán Barbany, in honour of whom the institute has received its name, never flied a plane. However, he played the lead on the spanish aeronautical science take-off with his theoretical and experimental works on related themes as Combustion and Fluid Dinamics (At the end of the page, through the link "pilot on land",  written and graphical information about Gregorio Millán Barbany is provided).

Our institute, in addition of working on those subjects connected to Millán Barbany, develops research activities along other very varied lines. These activities are organized through five research groups whose names appear after the picture, with links to their websites.

Luis L. Bonilla

  Deputy Director:
Manuel Carretero Cerrajero

Marcos Vera Coello

  Administrative Officer:
María Cristina Peraleda


Post address:
Instituto Gregorio Millán Barbany
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - Campus de Leganés
Avenida de la Universidad, 30 - 28916 Leganés (Madrid)

Phone: (34) 916249445





plaza central del campus de Leganés

Image above corresponds to the Central Plaza at Leganés Campus where the Polytechnical Institute of the UC3M is located. It is a place around which, most of the people of the institute works.




Aerospace Engineering Group

Computational Fluid Mechanics Lab

Fluid Mechanics Group

Research group - low-speed wind tunnel - recirculating water channel - ultrasound laboratory

Solid State Physics Group

structural and physical charaterization of materials

Modelling and Numerical Simulation Group

Modelling and Numerical Simulation (M&NS) is a research group in Applied Mathematics

Theoretical and Computational Biomedical Image Group

new imaging approaches for biomedicine