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Programa del Master in International Business

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


Fernando Maudo, General Manager at Venta Privee in Spain. Consultant of some textile companies like Inditex Group (Zara), Induyco (El Corte Inglés Group) and Coronel Tapioca. Bachelor Degree in Law and Business Administration. Master of Business Administration and Master of Commerce.

Carlos Enrile, Managing Director at ENISA, publicly owned entity under the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, specialized in financing SMEs. Fashion Division Director, Habitat and Cultural Industries (ICEX Spain Export and Investment). Economic and Commercial Counsellor Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Casablanca. Degree in Economics from the Complutense University of Madrid.

Learning Goals

The aim of this Subject is to train the students in the areas that are related with the managing operations of foreign trade inside the company. In this way, the student would has a solid structure of the conceptual, technical and procedure knowledges related with the exporting process in a company across all its stands.

By finishing the subject the student would be able to plan, execute and supervise buy-sell operations which aim to the foreign trade, whatever be the nature of them; also to manage the resolution of possible contingencies along the development of those operations.


1. Introduction to the techniques of Foreign Trade (Export – Import)
2. Diagnosis of the potential of internationalization. Search of opportunities abroad for the business.
3. Process of preparing offers in the foreign trade operations.
4. International contracting and delivering cargo conditions.
5. Methods of collection and international payments.
6. The risk management and its cover in the foreign trade.
7. The documentation for import-export operations.
8. Duties and customs procedure.
9. Support tools for the company´s internationalization (CESCE, ICEX, Cofides, ...)