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Programa del Master in International Business

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


It varies depending on the course. In 2015/16 :

Gonzalo Arance, Director of Enterprise Florida Spain & Portugal Office (State of Florida, USA).

Sergio Herranz, Director of Eastech Solar. Previously General Manager for Spain Haier . Master in Business Management and Marketing (ESIC) .

Alferdo Martín Scatizza, Foreign trade consultant and academic coordinator of the Graduate in Foreign Trade at the National University of Quilmes

Eduardo Oliveira, CEO, HOMT Spain SA . Previously, Director of America area in Banco Atlántico. Atlantico.

César Ortiz, ALawyer and Lecturer of Constitutional Law at the Externado University of Colombia . Specialist in Administrative Law and Public Law Compared.

Felix Santos, Tecnilatex export director and Chicco.

Learning goals

 In this course we organize seminars and technical workshops by renowned professionals and managers responsible for foreign trade and internationalization processes in multinational companies. They will share with students their actual experiences of successes, problems and solutions taken in their respective business ventures.

 It is intended that students gain advanced knowledge of some key regional countries or for export or direct investment. Specifically , this course aims that students acquire the following skills :

  • Ability to understand and critically analyze key economic indicators and existing economic and fiscal policies in that country or region.
  • Ability to make strategic decisions based on the potential for export and / or investment in that country or region.


We make a specific schedule each year. Some of the seminars offered are:

Regional Seminar Area: European Union.
Regional Seminar Area: Eastern Europe
Regional Seminar Area: Mercosur
Regional Seminar Area: NAFTA.
Regional Seminar Area: Russia.
Regional Seminar Area: Eastern Europe.
Regional Seminar Area: Japan.
Regional Seminar Area: China.
Regional Seminar Area: Central America and Caribbean
Regional Seminar Area: Southeast Asia
Regional Seminar Area: Africa