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Programa del Master in International Business

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


For the internationalization consultancy project, students works as part of a team which will be supervised by an experienced professional from the business world. For this project, the Master has the support of professionals in the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX), analysts and experts in the PIPE program (Initiation Plan Export) the ICEX developed for small and medium enterprises.To develop the project, students will have the option of visiting the premises of the company, its production facilities and have regular meetings with the management team, with the intention that the final work is adapted to the reality of the company and its sector .

EXAMPLES of some Previous Internationalization Projects

Activity: Fish semi-preserves business.

Activity: Family printing business offering pre-printing, design, printing and binding services, certificates, etc.

Activity: Family business engaged in rearing and producing purebred Spanish horses (PRE).

  •  Business: "Frankford Candy"

Project: Drawing up an internationalisation plan, providing information on the advantages of new markets and new ways of expanding globally.

  • Business: "La Prudencia"

Activity: Family business producing Iberian products (hams, shoulder hams and sausages).

Activity: Design and distribution of children’s clothing for ages 0 to 14 years.

Activity: Consultancy, brokerage and wholesale trade, both national and international, in all types of drinks intended for human consumption.

  •  Business: "Spain Gourmet"

Project: Drawing up a plan to create a brand-name range of Spanish-origin food products ("SpainGourmet") and the sale and promotion of this range via TravelRetail and Duty Free.

Activity: Production and distribution of flours

Activity: Production of a high-quality natural sparkling wine using a traditional in-bottle fermentation method.

Activity:Arrranging exclusive travel across five continents

Activity: Traditional production of pork products (Cured Iberian ham, white ham and acorn-fed ham, Cured Iberian bacon and white bacon, cured bacon, chorizo, sausage and pork loin)

Activity: Production, processing and sale of virgin and extra virgin olive oil in a hand-crafted exclusively designed bottle.

  •  Business: “Esfera 2000 S.A.”

Activity: Marketing of food and drink, as well as the channelling of investment into tourism sectors.

  • Business: “Hotel San Juan de los Reyes, Hotel Casona de la Reyna y Hotel Pintor El Greco”

Activity: The hotel trade.

Activity: Company engaged in engineering, marketing, supply, installation, setup and after-sales service for telecommunications equipment and systems.

Activity: Production of natural latex male condoms.

Activity: Editors and producers of educational materials, games, articles and equipment for sports and outdoor activities.

Activity: Research, development, production and marketing of containers, bins, street furniture and children’s playgrounds, as well as services and applications to improve the environment.

Activity: Business linked to olive oil, whose main purpose is to market olive oil and promote its qualities and culture.