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Workshop Interuniversitario de Doctorado en Historia Económica UC3M-UB-UV

UC3M Inter-University PhD Workshop in Economic History

Thursday 18th and Friday 19th May 2017

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid



Thursday 18th of May


Room: 18.1.A14



Chair: Laura Maravall Buckwalter.

Jens Andersson (Lund): Trade and the expansion of fiscal states in francophone West
Africa, 1890-2010.
Discussant: Sergio Serrano.

Sergio Serrano (UC3M): Taxes and trade policy in Latin America during the seventeenth century.
Discussant: Jens Andersson.



Chair: Katharina Mühlhoff.

Luis Serratos (Lund): The long-term effects of Polio Vaccination.
Discussant: María José Fuentes.

María José Funtes (Universitat de Barcelona): The evolution of education in Colombia,
1900-1958: new evidence from a regional level approach.
Discussant: Luis Serratos.

Coffee break


Chair: María José Funtes.
Julius Probst (Lund): Agglomeration forces in Sweden: A study of Swedish cities and municipalities since 1800.
Discussant: Jacopo Timini.

Jacopo Timini (UC3M & Banco de España): Market entry, sector spillovers and institutional isomorphism: Italian exports, 1861-1913.
Discussant: Julius Probst.



Friday 19th of May

Room: 18.1.A14


Chair: Maricia Fischer-Souan.

Marcos Carretero Garcia (UC3M): An Empirical Study of Fiscal Policy in Highly oil
Influenced Countries: The Case of Brazil.
Discussant: Christopher David Absell.

Christopher-Maximilian Rufft Sabasch (UC3M): Fiscal policy in Spain: a VECM
Discussant: David Pavón Prado.

David Pavón Prado (UC3M & Macrohist): Do we really know how to manage monetary policy? One century with the Federal Reserve and its good policies… or good luck?
Discussant: Christopher-Maximilian Rufft Sabasch.

Coffee break


Chair: Dacil Juif.

Marina Chuchko (WU Wien & UC3M): Chemistry of the tariff formation process:
business lobby and the Mendeleev’s tariff 1891.
Discussant: Ángel Luis Gonzalez.

Ángel Luis Gonzalez (Universitat de Barcelona): The determinants of world wheat trade: a gravity equation approach (1963-2010).
Discussant: Marina Chuchko.



Chair: Marina Chuchko.

Germán Forero (Universitat de Barcelona): Beyond zeros and ones: letting the data speak about the boom-bust cycle in the stock market.
Discussant: Miguel Ortiz Serrano.

Miguel Ortiz Serrano (Sciences Po & Macrohist): Political connections, firms’ value,
and stock returns: evidence from the Boulangiste campaign.
Discussant: Germán Forero.


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