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Laura Maravall

Última actualización: 27/11/2019

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Laura Maravall holds a PhD in Economic History from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. She graduated in Economics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and obtained an Erasmus Mundus MSc in Economic Development and Growth from the Universidad Carlos III and Lund University. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Economics at the University of Tübingen (Germany). Her research interests include the use of Geographic Information Systems and focus on the study of settlement processes, agricultural economies, and long-term living standards..

Publicaciones destacadas

  • Paper in preparation: ‘Valkyries? Was gender Equality High in the Scandinavian Periphery since Viking Times?’ with Jörg Baten.


  • ‘Factor Endowments vs. Colonial Administration: Algerian Settler Agriculture during the First Globalization (1870-1914)’. On R&R in the Economic History Review.


  • ‘Build It, and They Will Come? Secondary Railways and Population Density in French Algeria’. On R&R in the Economic History of Developing Regions.


  • Book review on ‘Saving Capitalism: For The Many, Not The Few’ by Robert B. Reich en Revista de las Ideas, ODLI, Num 35, pp. 10-14, Sept., 2016.


  • ‘Tipos de interés legales del dinero', Indice , Revista de Estadística y Sociedad, Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, March 2009.


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