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Carlos Álvarez Nogal

Última actualización: 19/02/2015

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Carlos Álvarez-Nogal, Ph. D (Universidad de Valladolid) is Associate Professor of Economic History and Researcher of the Figuerola Institute of Scocial Science History at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He has also taught at Universidad de Sevilla.

He has been Visiting Professor at Stanford University (Social Science History Institute and Center for Latin American Studies), Paris School of Economics (EHESS) and Universitá degli Studi di Genova. He was Research Fellow at the Program I3 (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Spain) and the CEPR/European Commission FP7 in a Collaborative Project. Besides, his research has been financed by Bank of Spain, ICO Foundation and Caja Madrid Foundation.

He is currently Director of the Doctoral Program in Economic History and the Master in Economic Development and Growth at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He is an Editorial Board member of Revista de Historia Económica/ Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History.

His contributions to the main journals in economic history and early modern history on growth in early modern Spain, are about the credit of the Spanish Monarchy, the role play by the American precious metals and copper coins in the Spanish financial system, and the public debt, banks and financial institutions in Castile at the time of the Habsburg dynasty.

His current research interests are economic growth of Spain in the long-run (800-1850), public finance, debt and commercial banks in Spain during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Recent Publications

  • “La rete finanziaria della famiglia Spinola: Spagna, Genova e le fiere dei cambi (1610-1656)”. Quaderni storici, 2007, Nº 124/1, pp. 97-110. With Luca Lo Basso, Carlo Marsilio. [abstract]
  • “The Role Played by Short-Term Credit in the Spanish Monarchy’s Finances”. Book chapter, Piola Caselli, F. (Edit.) Government Debts and Financial Markets in Europe, 2008, Pickering & Chatto. [details]
  • “L´argent du roi et les hommes d’argent”. Book chapter. Dubet, Anne. (COORD.) Administrer les finances dans la monarchie espagnole. 2008, PRESSES UNIVERSITAIRES BLAISE PASCAL CHEC CENTRE D´HISTOIRE.

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