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Slobodan Dusanic - Universitet u Beogradu


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  • Born on March 22, 1939, in Sombor (Serbia).
  • Classical gymnasium and Faculty of Philosophy (Classical philology, 1961) in Belgrade.
  • PhD in 1969 (thesis: The Arcadian League of the Fourth century BC).
  • The University career at the Faculty of Philosophy (Department of History, Chair of Ancient History), Belgrade (Teaching assistant, 1962; Assistant professor 1970; Associate professor 1976; Full professor 1991-present).
  • Corresponding member of the SerbianAcademy of Sciences and Arts, 1991; full member, 2000-present. The head of the Centre d'études épigraphiques et numismatiques, Belgrade (1998-present).

The research and lecturing focus on the history of the Roman Empire, ancient epigraphy and numismatics, as well as the Greek history of the IV century BC.

Research visits to the important centres of classical studies (e. g. Athens, Lyons, Urbana-Champaign, London, Princeton).

Attendance (with papers) at congresses in Yugoslavia and abroad (Munich 1972, Madrid 1974, Stirling 1979, Athens 1982, Aalen 1983, Perugia 1989, Bristol 1992, Bergamo 1992, Granada 1995, Salamanca 1998, Lausanne 2000, Jerusalem 2001, Liège 2001 etc.). The visiting professor of the Fulbright Foundation in 1990, and of the British Academy in 1996; member of the School of Historical Studies (Institute for Advanced Study) at Princeton in 1997/1998.

Dusanic's publications include:

  • Books
  • The Arcadian League of the Fourth Century,Belgrade 1970), 347 pp.
  • Inscriptions de la Mésie Supérieure, I, Belgrade 1976, 171 pp. (with M. Mirkovic).
  • History and Politics in Plato's Laws, Belgrade 1990, 389 pp.
  • Articles:
    • "L' Académie de Platon et la paix commune athénienne de 371 av.J.-C.", REG 92 (Paris 1979) 319-347.
    • "Plato's Academy and Timotheus' Policy", Chiron 10 (München 1980) 110-144.
    • "Plato's Atlantis", AC 51 (Bruxelles 1982) 25-52.
    • "Alcidamas of Elaea in Plato's Phaedrus", CQ 42 (Oxford 1992) 347-357.
    • "Phaedo's Enslavement and Liberation", ICS 18 (Urbana 1993) 83-97.
    • "The True Statesman of the Statesman and the Young Tyrant of the Laws. An Historical Comparison", Reading the Statesman (ed. Chr. Rowe). Proceedings of the III Symposium Platonicum (Sankt Augustin 1995) 337-346.
    • "Plato and Plutarch's Fictional Techniques: the Death of the Great Pan", RhM 139 (Frankfurt am Main 1996) 276-294.
    • "The Peloponnesian Wars and the Regression of Greek Federalism", Glas (The SerbianAcademy of Sciences and Arts) 384/10 (Belgrade 1998) 57-94.
    • "Isocrates, the Chian Intellectuals, and the Political Context of the Euthydemus", JHS 119 (Cambridge 1999) 1-16.
    • "The Attic-Chian Alliance (IG II2, 34) and the 'Troubles in Greece' of the Late 380's BC", ZPE 133 (Bonn 2000) 21-30.
    • "Critias in the Charmides", Aevum 74 (Milano 2000) 43-63.