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Última actualización: 15/09/2009

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The 'Collegium Politicum' is a thematic net which has as its objective the study of classical political theory and its reception in the history of political thought, with special emphasis on its impact on the Europe of today. This net brings together groups of investigators in various universities and centres for research. The groups are coordinated by: Lucio Bertelli (Università di Torino), Luc Brisson (CNRS, Paris), Slobodan Dusanic (University of Belgrade), Silvia Gastaldi (Università di Pavia), André Laks (Université Lille III Charles de Gaulle), Francisco Lisi (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Ada Neschke (Université de Lausanne), Dominic O'Meara (Université de Fribourg), Jean-François Pradeau (Paris X-Nanterre), Christopher Rowe (University of Durham) and Mario Vegetti (Università di Pavia).

The Collegium Politicum meets annually to share new initiatives, discuss progress, and report outcomes. So far there have been such meetings in Lausanne (December 2000), Lille (December 2001), Madrid (December 2002), Paris (December 2003), Pavia (2005), Paris (2006), Lille (2008) and Pavia (2009). Next meeting: 2010  Généve..