Edward M. Harris


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B.A. Classics, Stanford University, 1974
B.A. Classics, Oxford University, 1976
M.A. Classical Philology, Harvard University, 1980
Ph.D. Classical Philology, Harvard University, 1983


Teaching Fellow, Harvard University, 1978-82
Instructor, Harvard University, 1982-83
Assistant Professor, Brooklyn College/CUNY, 1983-87
Associate Professor, Brooklyn College/CUNY, 1988-92
Professor, Brooklyn College/CUNY, 1993-2005
Acting Chair of Classics Department, Brooklyn College/CUNY, 2001, 2002
Chair of Classics Department, Brooklyn College/CUNY, 2003-2005
Member of Doctoral Faculty, Graduate School/CUNY, 1986-2005
Professeur invité, Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne) December 2002-January
Professor of Classics and Ancient History, Durham University, 2005-10
Acting Head of Department, Classics and Ancient History, Durham University, 2006-07
Head of Department, Classics and Ancient History, Durham University, 2008-9
Research Professor of Greek History, University of Durham, 2010-



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Work in Progress

The Rule of Law in Action: The Nature of Litigation in Classical Athens

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Grants and Honors

Phi Beta Kappa, Stanford University 1974

Wolfe Institute Fellowship – 1995-96

Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton NJ – Fall 1998

Excellence in Teaching Award – Brooklyn College 2002

NEH Research Grant for Study in Greece – 2004-5

Dissertations Directed

Frederick Naiden, Visual Sources in the Samian Logos of Herodotus. M.A. (CUNY) awarded 1995.

Maria Schoenhammer, The Athenian Coinage Decree. Ph. D. (CUNY) awarded 1995.

James Mulkin, A Commentary On Aeschines' Against Timarchus. Ph.D. (CUNY) awarded 1997.

Ellen Knopf, Contracts in the Athenian Orators. Ph.D. (CUNY) awarded 2005.

David M. Lewis, A Comparative Study of Slavery in Ancient Greece and the Near East. Durham University (ongoing).

Pierre Kirk, The Mental Element in Athenian Law. Durham University (ongoing)

Mirko Canevaro, The Documents in the Attic Orators. Durham University (ongoing)

Miklos Konczol, Legal Analysis in Greek Rhetorical Treatises. Durham University (ongoing)

Corinna Brunini-Cronin, Wives and Non-Wives in Athenian Law and Society. Durham University (ongoing)