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  • Name: Roger Louis Martínez-Davila
  • CV: Dr. Martínez holds academic positions at UC3M and the University of Colorado. Presently, he is advancing his MOOC efforts at UC3M and aims to reach as many as 200,000 students. From 2008-2010, he served as the Burton Postdoctoral Fellow at Saint Joseph’s University (Philadelphia) and earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas. He is a historian of medieval and early modern Spain, especially religious minorities (Sephardic Jews and conversos). Dr. Martinez continues an active research agenda, especially in the area of the digital humanities. He utilizes crowdsourcing manuscript transcriptions and digital 3D models to study and recreate medieval cities such as Virtual Plasencia.
    Relying on his specialized paleographical training, Dr. Martinez has conducted research in 40 local, ecclesiastical, provincial, and national archives in Spain, Mexico, Bolivia, and the USA. His forthcoming text, Blood, Faith, and Identity: Conversos in Early Modern Spain, is under contract with the University of Notre Dame Press.
  • Project: Global Citizen Scholars: Energizing English and Spanish-Speaking Humanists to Advance KÑowledge and Act (GCS – EESSPHAÑA)
    GCS, a 36-month initiative, is a global educational, research, and social engineering endeavor. It will thrust UC3M into the forefront of (1) reclaiming humanity’s deep-seated cultural curiosity; (2) mobilizing technology to energize English & Spanish-speaking students (Global Citizen Scholars) to learn about and contribute to scholarly research on medieval/early modern Jewish, Christian, and Muslim cooperation and conflict; and (3) developing a new cooperative education-research model for the 21st century. It aggressively expands the crowdsourcing initiative known as Deciphering Secrets, which energizes Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) students to assist with transcribing and investigating manuscripts pertaining to inter-religious relations. Deciphering Secrets is a component of Dr. Martínez’s larger endeavor, the Revealing Cooperation and Conflict Project, an international research and educational collaboration. RCCP is evaluating two hundred years (1350-1550) of comparative history for the cities of Plasencia, Burgos, Toledo, and Granada.
  • Websites
    Deciphering Secrets Massive Open Online Courses
    Revealing Cooperation and Conflict Project
    Roger L. Martínez-Dávila Video - "Virtual Plasencia (Spain): Evaluating the Relationships of Jews, Christians, and Muslims Via an Interdisciplinary Geovisualization and Transcription Endeavor"



Roger Louis Martínez-Dávila 

UC3M CONEX -Marie Curie Fellow


Tel: + (34) 91 624 8604

Despacho: 14.02.10