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Our objetives

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Following are the primary objectives of the Forecasting and Macroeconomic Analysis Laboratory:

  • Construction of econometric models, preferably monthly, for the analysis, forecasting and diagnosis of inflation in the EMU, U.S., Spain and Autonomous Regions within Spain.
  • Construction of macroeconomic models largely corresponding to gross domestic product and its different components in relation to the Spanish and EMU economies, aimed at forecasting and diagnosis.
  • Construction of models for economic indicators in the EMU, Spain and Autonomous Regions within Spain.
  • Development and construction of daily and hourly models on non-financial economic series such as: electricity consumption, consumption of other energy products, monetary aggregates, cash, banknotes issued, cash withdrawal from banks or automatic telling machines, sales in major corporations, stocks, occupation of means of transport, traffic, pollution, etc.
  • Modelling the volatility of financial data and the seasonality of such data in intra-daily series.
  • Development of new, fundamentally non-linear econometric methods.