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Chairs of Excellence

One of the main priorities of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid has always been the attraction of talent in order to consolidate, strengthen and increase the international ties. Counting always on the invaluable support of Banco Santander, our University intend to encourage incorporation of internationally renowned professors in all disciplines to help our departments, research institutes and research groups, to improve their technical and scientific skills, develop long-term collaborations and share teaching and research experiences.

For this purpose, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid y Grupo Banco Santander signed an Agreement to create UC3M-Santander Chair of Excellence Program during period 2007-2010. The Program has been extended for the periods 2011-2014 and 2015-2018.

In these eight calls, 149 Chairs of Excellence have been awarded in areas related to the University’s research activities, handling more than 278 requests.

On October 16th, 2016 was opened the IX CALL FOR APPLICATIONS UC3M-Santander Chairs of Excellence, for academic year 2016/2017, with a new aspect: Chair of Excellence Reciprocal grant. This grant will be associated with a visit to the holder's home institution, by one or two Doctors of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, during the same period of time.

Call for applications 2016/2017


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