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Research Support for members of the Institute

The Institute will support the research of its members by providing a lump sum for articles published in Journals included in the first quartile (Q1) of the journal citation report (JCR) of the Web of Science in any discipline. The articles should include methods and ideas useful for Big Data Analysis. This support will be provided for articles published after January 2016 by one or more members of the institute using the Institute affiliation (UC3M-BS Institute of Financial Big Data, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid). If several members are co-authors of the article, and all of them include the affiliation to the Institute, the support will be split among them.

Please note request for support should be done via email, addressed to the Director of the Institute including a copy of the published article and indicating the position of the Journal in the corresponding field of the JCR.

The amount allocated for articles published in 2016 will be:

(1) 1000 euros for articles published in the following twelve core journals: Annals of Statistics; Artificial Intelligence Journal; Econometrica; IEEE Trans. Neural Networks and Learning Systems ; IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence; Journal of Royal Statistical Society B; Journal of American Statistical Association ; Journal of Finance; J. Machine Learning Res.; Nature; Neural Computation; Science

(2) 500 euros for Journals in any discipline located in the first quartile (Q1) of the JCR.