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Lara Quijano

Contact Information

Phone: +34 91 6248527
Office: 18.2.D31

Lara Quijano-Sanchez is a Postdoc Researcher at the UC3M-BS Institute of Big Data for Finance. Her areas of research are recommender systems, group recommender systems, social networks, expert systems, user modeling, knowledge-based systems, cased-based reasoning, information retrieval and explanations. She is presently working in the analysis of social networks applied to financial Big Data and, in sensors and big data research applied to mobile tourism recommender applications.

From 2011 to 2015 she developed her PhD thesis named “Impact of social factors and organizations in group recommender systems” at the UCM, where she worked with the research group GAIA and was granted a post-graduate scholarship (FPI). During the development of her Thesis she was invited as an invited researcher in two international universities: the University College Cork in Cork, Ireland, as an invited researcher of Dr. Derek Bridge (5 months). And, the University of West London, UK, as an invited researcher of Dr. Thomas Roth-Berghofer (3 months). Both stays led to joint publications and continued collaborations with both the main researcher and their teams. Besides, due to the numerous congresses she has attended and the impact of her research she is a well-known figure in the CBR and Recommender Systems community, and has collaborated with several institutions and universities.

She has been able to develop a solid and significant research experience with several relevant contributions in her research field, which is mainly focused on the use of social information to make enhanced recommendations to groups through a Social Recommendation Model (SRM). She has developed a social web application included in Facebook, named HappyMovie, where she used AI, learning and reasoning techniques to recommend a movie for a group of users that wish to go together to the movies. She has also studied user modeling to model each user in the application, behavior change modeling and/or leveraging the wisdom of crowds to modify users’ perception of the received recommendations through a series of social explanations.

Among the many publications that back up her work, published in both journals (6) and international conferences (13), she counts with a publication of JCR: 9,39 in the Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology journal which is the 1st one in its category, a best paper award in the ICCBR for her work developed with Dr. Derek Bridge, which also led to a Core A publication in the IJCAI, and 4 other journal publications with JCR impact factor. Besides, she teaches AI-related courses in the graduate and post-graduate courses of this university..