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Javier Prieto Fernández

Contact Information

FJ Prieto obtained his BS in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in 1982, and his PhD from the same University in 1985. He also has an MS and a PhD in Operations Research from Stanford University.

He has been an Associate Professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (since 1990). He is currently a Full Professor in the Department of Statistics at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He has also been a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Operations Research, Stanford University.

At Universidad Carlos III de Madrid he has occupied different positions, such as Head of the Statistics Department, Vice-President of Academic Infrastructures and Vice-President of Scientific Policy.

His research interests include the solution of large-scale optimization problems, the development of efficient algorithms for nonlinear optimization problems, the design of multivariate estimation methods for the detection of outliers and for unsupervised classification problems, and the application of optimization and estimation techniques to planning problems in the electricity generation sector.

He has been and currently is Associate Editor of the international Journals in the field of Operations Research TOP and SORT.