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Pablo Basanta

Contact Information

Since 2008, Pablo Basanta-Val is an Associate Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. In 2002, he received his Telematics Engineering degree from Universidade de Vigo, and in 2007 his PhD in Telematics Engineering from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He obtained his accreditation in July 2012 as Associate Professor by ANECA. He received several awards like the IEEE exemplary reviewer and several grants to finance his studies abroad. His doctoral thesis has been done in the area of distributed real-time Java systems, under the umbrella of the European Network of Excellence on embedded systems, led by “Turing Award” Joseph Sifakis.  Currently, he is extending his previous models to big-data technology, such as map-reduce, distributed stream processing, and specific big-data technologies: Storm, Hadoop, and Spark. His current interest is set on architecting efficient infrastructures to run big-data application analytics.
  He collaborates in a number of actively forums including the following journals: IEEE transactions on big-data, IEEE transactions on distributed and parallel systems (Q1), IEEE industrial informatics (Q1), IEEE industrial electronics (Q1), Elsevier Future Generation Computing Systems (Q1), Elsevier Journal of Network and Computer Architectures (Q1).  He also participated in a number of national and European projects including the network of excellence in embedded systems (ARTIST), the ILAND project, and the JUNIPER project devoted to the definition of architectures Java for big-data.