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Pedro J. Muñoz Merino

Contact Information

Pedro J. Muñoz Merino is a Visitant Associate Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. In 2003, he received his Telecommunication Engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and in 2009 his PhD in Telematics Engineering from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He obtained his acreditation in May 2012 as Associate Professor by the ANECA agency. He has also received several awards like the AMPER award for the best Master Thesis in Telematics Engineering or a special PhD award by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. His skills and experience include research and development in learning analytics and educational data mining. He has been the technical coordinator for the design and development of ALAS-KA and ANALYSE, which are visual learning analytics modules for the Khan Academy platform and open edX respectively. In addition, he has been actively involved in the definition and implementation of different higher level indicators as a transformation of row data, the proposal of solutions for the effective processing of big amounts of data, or the application of techniques for the analysis of data such as relationship mining, prediction or clustering. He has been invited as a speaker in topics related to learning analytics and educational data mining such as in 2011 for the TEL European Summer School, in 2013 at Columbia University in the learning analytics seminar series organized by Ryan Baker (President of the educational data Mining society), at SIMO 2014, or at the SNOLA webinar in 2015.