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Esteban Moro

Contact Information

Born March 15th, 1971, Salamanca, Spain.

Assistant Professor, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2007-present).
Address: Avenida de la Universidad 30, 28911 Leganés, Madrid (Spain)

Academic degrees
MSc in Physics, Universidad de Salamanca (1994).

PhD in Physics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (1999).

Teaching Assistant, 1995-1999, Departamento de Matemáticas, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)

Research Associate, 1999-2000, Department of Physics, University of Oxford (UK)
Marie Curie fellow, 2000-2001, Department of Physics, University of Oxford (UK)
Teaching/Research Assistant, 2001-2003, Departamento de Matemáticas, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)

Ramón y Cajal fellow, 2003-2007, Departamento de Matemáticas, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)

Summary of research
Research lines: bigdata, data science, statistical physics, complex systems; applications to social networks, financial markets, cities, mobility, economy.
Publications: 50 articles in JCR journals, Over 1600 citations, H=24. Invited talks at international meetings: 15
Communications in conferences: 90
Funded projects: 9 as principal investigator, 12 as participant, 6 with companies (Telefónica, Twitter, BBVA, etc.)
Current scientific collaborations with MIT, Oxford, NICTA (Australia), University of Southern California, Aalto University, etc.

Shared University Award from IBM 2007

Excellence in Research Award from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 2013 and 2015

Editorial Boards
Member of the editorial board of EPJ Data Science (Springer)
Member of the editorial board of JSTAT (IOP Publishing)

Selected publications in the last 5 years
1. From seconds to months: an overview of multi-scale dynamics of mobile telephone calls. Jari Saramäki y Esteban Moro, Eur. Phys. J. B 88, 164 (2015).
2. Social Media Fingerprints of Unemployment. Alejandro Llorente, Manuel García-Herranz, Manuel Cebrián y Esteban Moro, PLoS ONE, 10, 0128692 (2015)
3. Performance of Social Network Sensors During Hurricane Sandy. Yury Kryvasheyeu, Haohui Chen, Esteban Moro, Pascal Van Hentenryck, and Manuel Cebrian, PLoS ONE 10, 0117288 (2015).
4. Using Friends as Sensors to Detect Global-Scale Contagious Outbreaks. Manuel Garcia-Herranz, Esteban Moro, Manuel Cebrian, Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler, PLoS ONE 9, 92413 (2014).
5. Limited communication capacity unveils strategies for human interaction. Giovanna Miritello, Rubén Lara, Manuel Cebrián, and Esteban Moro. Scientific Reports
 3, 1950 (2013)
6. The predictability of consumer visitation patterns. Coco Krumme, Alejandro Llorente, Manuel Cebrián, Alex (“Sandy”) Pentland, and Esteban Moro. Scientific Reports
 3, 1465 (2013)
7. Limits of social mobilization. Alex Rutherford, Manuel Cebrian, Sohan Dsouza, Esteban Moro, Alex Pentland and Iyad Rahwan. PNAS 110, 6281 (2013).

8. Time as a limited resource: Communication Strategy in Mobile Phone Networks. Giovanna Miritello, Esteban Moro, Rubén Lara, Rocío Martínez- López, John Belchamber, Sam G. B. Roberts, and Robin I.M. Dunbar
. Social Networks 35, 89 (2013)
9. Predicting Human Preferences Using the Block Structure of Complex Networks. 
Roger Guimerà, Alejandro Llorente, Esteban Moro y Marta Sales-Pardo. PLoS 
ONE 7, e44620 (2012).
10. Agent-specific impact of single trades in financial markets. AlexBladon, 
Esteban Moro and Tobias Galla
. Physical Review E 85, 036103 (2012) 

11. Social Features of Online Networks:The Strength of Intermediary Ties 
in Online Social Media. P. A. Grabowicz, J. J. Ramasco, E. Moro, J. P. Pujol 
and V. M. Eguiluz, PLoS ONE 7, e29358 (2012)
12. Branching dynamics of viral information spreading.José Luis Iribarren y 
Esteban Moro. Physical Review E 84, 046116 (2011).
13. Dynamical strength of social ties in information spreading. Giovanna 
Miritello, Esteban Moro y Rubén Lara, Physical Review E 83, 045102 (2011).
14. Affinity Paths and information diffusion in social networks. José Luis Iribarren and Esteban Moro. Social Networks 33, 134 (2011).

Other merits:
• Evaluator for the ANEP, ACIE and European Commission for the FP7 
• Referee for top journals: Science, Nature, PNAS, Physical Review Letters, Nature 
Physics, Physical Review and 20 more. 

• Member of the Instituto de Ingeniería de Conocimiento 2009-2014