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Encarna Guillamón

Contact Information

Encarna holds a PhD from the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School and she is currently an Assistant Professor of Accounting at the Business Administration Department-UC3M since 2006. Dr. Guillamon research areas include CSR, corporate governance, financial reporting and disclosure, internal control and management behaviour among others.

Encarna is presently working on two main projects (1) the effect of management personality on corporate communication and (2) CSR information in social media. She has published 8 articles in journals listed in the JCR including Accounting Organizations and Society, 

Encarna has been invited to present her work and made research visits in more than 30 renowned Universities such as Queensland University (Australia), Queensland University Technology (Australia), Rotman School of Management (Canada), Manchester Business School (UK), University of Durham (UK), Monash University (Australia), Australian National University (Australia) and Nova School of Business and Economics (Portugal) and University of Graz (Austria) among others.
Encarna’s articles have been recently awarded as the best research paper of 2015 The Clute Institute Conferences International Business & Education 4 to 8 January 2015 held in Maui, Hawaii, USA. Article Title: "Are Opinions Auditor on Internal Control Effectiveness Influenced by Corporate Social Responsibility?" and with the Prize 2014 UAM-Accenture Chair in Economics and Management of Innovation "Digital Agenda and Innovation" for the paper entitled "Determinants and Characteristics of Non-Financial Information Communication in Social Media: The case of Twitter and CSR"

Dr. Guillamon serves as a Deputy Director of the Business Administration Department-UC3M and Associate Director of the Centre for Impression Management in Accounting
Communication-Bangor University.

Encarna is currently supervising 4 PhD theses in Accounting issues such as corporate social responsibility in social media, earnings guidance and real earnings management, effect of CEOs tenure in disclosure tone, credit default swaps and the monitoring effect.