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Federico Liberatore

Contact Information

Phone: +34 91 6248528
Office: 18.2.D35

Federico Liberatore is a Postdoc Researcher at the UC3M-BS Institute of Big Data for Finance and a Fulbright Alumni. His area of expertise are Location Analysis, Humanitarian Logistics, Combinatorial Optimization and Operational Research in general. He also has relevant research experience in Artificial Intelligence and Time Series Analysis. His present research work involves the analysis of large-scale networks applied to financial Big Data, as well as evacuation models in Humanitarian Logistics, and police patrolling and resource location models.

Liberatore’s research career in the field of optimization models and algorithms started in 2005 as an undergraduate student in Computer Science at the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy. In fact, his Bachelor Degree dissertation was awarded the Camerini-Carraresi award from AIRO (Operations Research Italian Society) and a paper extracted from it was published in a journal included in the Journal Citation Report (JCR). Similarly, from his Master Degree dissertation were extracted a research paper, published in a JCR journal, and a book chapter.


More recently, Federico decided to extend his research by working on interactive Decision Support Systems (DSS) for optimization models and algorithms, to improve the usability and applicability of these mathematical tools in real life. In fact, an interactive simulator can provide a friendly environment where a decision-maker or a trainee could experiment with mathematical models to see directly and immediately the effects of his/her decisions. As a result, better DSS and training tools can be developed, capable of reaching a wider audience. This would be especially useful in the field of emergency logistics, where decision and policy makers often do not have a mathematical background. With this objective in mind in 2013 he visited as a researcher the GeNeura group at Universidad de Granada, led by Prof. Merelo, and the AIDA group at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, led by Prof. Camacho. These collaborations resulted in 2 invited talks, 2 published book chapters, participation in the programme committee of 2 international conferences, and a research papers published in a JCR journal. Furthermore, the US-Italy Fulbright commission awarded this project with a Fulbright-Finmeccanica grant, to advance his research and receive highly specialized training for an academic year at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Finally, in 2014 Federico worked on a new project on Smart Patrolling, concerning the creation of an advanced DSS for police agencies to improve the agents’ efficacy and reducing the criminal activity. In particular, he has developed in collaboration with the Spanish National Police (SNP) a prototype that features a Predictive Policing model to forecast the risk of crime, and a novel model that generates patrolling configurations specifically tailored to the requirements of a specific working shift. Extensive experimentation showed that the proposed system provides patrolling configurations that outperform those currently in use in the Central District of Madrid. This work resulted in 2 registered intellectual properties, 2 papers published in JCR journals, 1 invited seminar at the Universidad de Granada, and 3 invited posters in international conferences and symposiums. Also, Federico is currently co-supervising the doctoral thesis in mathematics and statistics of a SNP inspector. His doctoral research has been awarded with two grants in 2013: the 1st Spanish Police Foundation Research Grant and a Fulbright grant to visit as an exchange student the research group in Predictive Policing led by Prof. Andrea Bertozzi at the University of California Los Angeles.