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Ignacio Aedo

Ignacio Aedo has a Doctorate from the Universidad Politécnia de Madrid and is Departmental Chair at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. His research interests are concerned with interactive systems for education, web systems, development methodologies and information systems for emergency situations. He was Visiting Professor at the Computer Supported Collaboration and Learning Lab (2007-2008) and at the MAGIC group of the University of British Columbia (2011). He teaches in the field of Human Computer Interaction and lectures in the User Interfaces subject as part of the Computer Engineering degree course and Person -Computer Interaction on the Master's Degree in Computer Science and Technology. He is co-author of publications such as: "Personalized Alert Notifications and Evacuation Routes in Indoor Environments", Sensors ,12(6),7804-7827; "Human-Display Interaction Technology. Emerging remote interfaces for pervasive display environments", IEEE Pervasive Computing ,9(2),72-76; and "End-user oriented strategies to facilitate Multi-Organizational adoption of Emergency Management Information Systems", Information Processing & Management, 46(1),11-21.