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The Institute is a university-wide initiative which rely on several disciplines of UC3M. Including Business, Computer Science, Machine Learning, Mathematics and Statistics. The Institute will promote interdisciplinary research in Big Data and Data Science in both theory and applications. The Institute will hire new faculty, as postdoc and visiting positions, to attract junior and senior researchers interested in interdisciplinary research related to big data, and will establish strong collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships with the Banco Santander and other industry partners. The objectives of the Institute in research, teaching and technology transfer are:

  • Conducting interdisciplinary basic research in Analytics for Big Data pooling expertise in Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Maching learning and promoting collaboration across different fields.
  • Conducting applied interdisciplinary research oriented to financial applications. This research may lead to “spin offs” or “start ups” companies.
  • Offering education in Big Data Analysis through the Master in Big Data and several short courses in different fields of Data Analysis and Data Management. Also, the Institute will provide in-house training for organizations upon request.
  • Working with private and public partners in providing solutions to their problems in handling, storing and analyzing Big Data sets.