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Congresses and workshops


2,3th November 2017

SYMPOSIUM ON BIG DATA IN FINANCE, RETAIL AND COMMERCE, Statistical and Computational Challenges, Lisbon

6,7th October 2016

Workshop: New Developments in Econometrics and Time Series

19th February 2015

Jornada sobre juegos y sus aplicaciones


New Big data solutions Seminars

These seminars will present real problems in different fields and the adopted solution using all available data. These seminars try to be a point of interexchange between professionals and academics to present problems and analyze possible solutions based on Big Data.


27th October 2017

 Juan de Rus (Senior Manager en Neovantas y Profesor Asociado del departamento de Economía de la Empresa en la UC3M):  El reto de medir la satisfacción del cliente sin preguntarle

16th June 2017

 David F. Hendry (Oxford University): Econometric Tools for Interdisciplinary Applications with Big Data.

26th May 2017

Juan Andrés Pro (Director de Sistemas de Información de El Corte Inglés): La Distribución Comercial: Ciencia y Tecnología al servicio del Cliente

24th March 2017

Manuel Febrero (USC): Retos estadísticos en Big Data y Data Mining. 

24th February 2017

Ignacio Julio Marrero (Accenture): La tercera revolución industrial: el valor del dato en la economía digital.

16th December 2016

Asunción M. Gomez (UPM) and Wolfram Rozas (IBM): Application of the IBM Watson Ecosystem for providing Technology Intelligence Services to Small and Medium Enterprises.


Research seminars

Seminars jointly organized with the university departments


31th March 2017

Sung K. Ahn (Washington State University): Cointegration Analysis with Measurement Errors. Seminario conjunto con el Departamento de Estadística

17th February 2017

José Luis Torrecilla (IFIBID, UC3M-BS): Variable selection techniques in classification problems with functional data. Seminario conjunto con el Departamento de Estadística.

13th December 2016

Ezequiel Smucler (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella): Asymptotics for M-estimators in linear models with increasing dimension. Seminario conjunto con el Departamento de Estadística

19th October 2016

Ricardo Maronna (Universidad Nacional de La Plata): Robust estimation in the real-time control of a chemical plant. Seminario conjunto con el Departamento de Estadística

17th June 2016

Dominique Guegan: "Financial Regulation: More Accurate  Measurements for Control Enhancements"

Abstract: This talk analyses how risks are measured in financial institutions, for instance Market, Credit, Operational, etc.,  with respect to the choice of the risk measures, the choice of the distributions used to model them and the level of confidence selected. We discuss and illustrate the characteristics, the paradoxes and the issues observed comparing the Value-at-Risk and the Expected Shortfall in practice. This talk is built as a differential diagnosis and aims at discussing the reliability of the risk measures.

18th December 2015

Laura Climent: Uncertainty and Dynamism in Optimization Problems