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TECMERIN (Television and Cinema: Memory, Industry, Representation) is a Research Group in the Department of Journalism and Media at University Carlos III. Originally, it was focused on television studies, which was a pioneering  field in Spanish academic research.  The results of that first stage included the research projects “Culture, society and television in Spain (1956-2006)” (Plan Nacional I+D+i 2006/03962/001), “History and Identity in Spanish Television Programmes 1977-2005)” (Acción Integrada España- Italia, 2006-2007) and “TV fiction: representation and memory” (Consolidation of Research Groups , Comunidad de Madrid-UC3M, 2008), as well as hosting a number of seminars and academic meetings.

Recently, the group has expanded its field of interests and tematics which, from the point of view of methodological approaches, implies the study of cinema and television as different entities, a difficult task, as the most recent research has proven. The reality is that they are strongly interconnected, from the point of view of both industry and subject matters.  This is the thinking behind the research competitive project "Media in the Transition: the images of democratic change" (2010-2012).

On this website you can find information on our group and interests, our research history and archive, as well as the means to contact us.