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Reunión TECMERIN - Lunes 23 de abril de 2012, a las 11:30.
Aula 17.02.75 (Campus Getafe)


University of Glasgow

Trabajo cultural (precario) y derechos de autor


Resumen:This article first discusses the contemporary debate on cultural ‘creativity’ and the economy. Second, it considers the current state of UK copyright law and how it relates to cultural work. Third, based on empirical research on British dancers and musicians, an analysis of precarious cultural work is presented. A major focus is how those who follow their art by way of ‘portfolio’ work handle their rights in ways that diverge significantly from the current simplistic assumptions of law and cultural policy. Our conclusions underline the distance between present top-down conceptions of what drives production in the cultural field and the actual practice of dancers and musicians.

CV: Philip Schlesinger is Professor of Cultural Policy and Academic Director of the Centre for Cultural Policy Research. He was awarded an honorary doctorate in humanities from the University of Oslo in 2008 in recognition of his international prominence and his significant contributions to media and cultural research. Más información