Microeconomics and Industrial Organization

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The research group in Microeconomics and Industrial Organization includes a panel of more than 30 experts whose research range from basic theory and apply theory, to empirical and experimental work. The members of the group have published their work in the most prestigious journals of economics (Econometrica, Journal of Political Economy, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Economic Theory, Rand Journal of Economics), as well as in professional journals in mathematics, political science, biology, etc. The group collaborates intensely with other international research groups (CEPR, IZA), and participates actively in professional associations (Spanish Economic Association, The European Economic Association, European Association of Research in Industrial Economics). The group’s members teach undergraduate and graduate courses in all fields of Microeconomics.


Group Members

Research Topics

The group's research includes a variety of topics such as:

  • Regulation and competition policy in key industries (Electricity, Telecommunications, Transportation): market design, capacity investment, reliability, market power, vertical integration, forward markets.
  • Auctions: budget constrains, endogenous entry, public and secret reserve prices.
  • Competitive Markets: transaction costs, trading patterns, imperfect information.
  • Social Networks: strategic models of social networks, impact and economic applications of social networks.
  • Experimental Economics: auctions, forward markets, imperfect competition, capacity constrains, organized markets, experimental market design.
  • Behavioral Economics: bounded rationality, learning and social evolution, altruistic preferences, cognitive biases, psychology and economics, institutional design.
  • Incentives and Contracts: multilateral contracts, contract design with externalities.
  • Corporate Governance: mechanisms for internal control within a firm, the role of leadership in the theory incentives in organizations.
  • Environmental economics: agricultural markets and the PAC, agricultural productivity, the use of land, desertification, geo-referenced spatial models, efficiency and environmental adaptation of the firm.

Contact Information

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

c/ Madrid, 126 - Despacho: 11.2.02

28903 Getafe - Madrid - Spain

Phone: 91.624.5896 - 91.624.9287

Fax: 91.624.9872

E-Mail: instituto.economia@uc3m.es